Blue Cami and Granny

HELLO, I AM OVERJOYED TO HAVE FINALLY MADE SOMETHING FOR MY BUST AFTER GOING MORE THAN TWO WEEKS WITHOUT A BRA. My commitment to this project is real, and as we all know, bras wear out. I didn’t buy a new one, though, because: PROMISES. So when my last remaining bra stretched out beyond any practical use, I just went without. Like a pilgrim. With floppy tits.

Sewing all of my own clothes - luxury bra camisole - eating soap

But look! I made something! And not at all what I thought I was going to make. Turns out, I quite like the look of a flat and saggy bust line. And so … I made a semi-supportive bra camisole. It looks GREAT under concert t-shirts.

Pale blue bra camisole - eating soap - on Wardrobe Myself sewing blog
I don’t recommend this.

I’ve always worn an underwire, thinking bralette camis were a) kind of stupid, and b) not at all useful, but if they’re custom made for your body, they’re actually completely the opposite and incredibly comfortable. SURPRISE.

Sewing underwear - camisole and granny panty set - Wardrobe Myself sewing blog

Added bonus: I already made a couple pairs of granny panties in this baby blue power stretch, so now I have a little faux bodysuit situation. Ask all of my friends – my entire life is in pursuit of the perfect granny panty bodysuit.

Baby blue bra camisole and granny panty - sewing lingerie - Wardrobe Myself

Will obviously be making one, now that I have all of the elements sorted.

collage of woman in shower - Wardrobe Myself

First, I plan to knock out a few more bras – not with the full-length cami, although, the cinching throughout the waist is very nice. There’s no way I can survive summer with all of that fabric, so I need to make some lightweight options real quick. I have some stretch laces, so I’ll probably make a couple in that to start.

luxury loungewear - sewing underwear - baby blue camisole - women in tub - Wardrobe Myself sewing blog

The cups feel really great, and there’s no dreaded line under shirts. Good job, Veronica.

sewing lingerie - bra camisole - Wardrobe Myself blog

I purchased the straps pre-made. They were intended only for children, apparently. I will most definitely need something sturdier for everyday use. I give these straps … four more hours before they are completely stretched out.

blue camisole and panty - sewing lingerie - Wardrobe Myself sewing fashion blog

Someone give me a medal for not fucking with my body in Photoshop.

blue bodysuit - sewing lingerie - bra camisole and panty - Wardrobe Myself sewing blog

I tried, but it didn’t work. GOODBYE.