Beaded Satin Jacket

HELLO, I MADE THIS LIFE-CHANGING SATIN JACKET WITH APPLIQUÉD HAND AND SNAKE. I wore it on a plane, in hopes of getting a better seat, and it worked – the guy even gave me a better seat on my RETURN FLIGHT. I’m hopeful it leads to a better life all-around, but let’s face it, owning a jacket that feels you up with a beaded, sequined sparkle hand that’s wearing a giant ruby and emerald bracelet is already living your best life.

Beaded Snake and Hand Satin Jacket by Veronica Sheaffer via Wardrobe Myself blog

I made the jacket using a remnant of midnight silk satin that I’ve been saving for something special, and lined it in a really beautiful, mid-weight striped cotton left over from another project. The pattern is the same as the crocheted lace top, but wider through the hip, and from the waist down it’s backed in horsehair to keep that flare TAUT. I wasn’t even thinking about embellishment when I started this project, UNTIL I WAS THINKING ABOUT IT.

Beaded silk satin jacket by Veronica Sheaffer

The chain is metal and heavy AF, and it makes me feel part majorette, part 1950’s dog walker. The buttons are black velvet baubles. The snake is a goddamn beaded snake.

Beaded Satin Jacket by Veronica Sheaffer via Wardrobe Myself blog - collage

It looks pretty great with high-waisted jeans – especially flares – and it’s completely perfect over the poet blouse. And when I finally make myself a maxi dress, it will be pretty great over that too.

Beaded Hand Applique on Wardrobe Myself blog

The hand is definitely living the better life.

Wardrobe Myself blog - sewing a handmade wardrobe - by Veronica Sheaffer

Obviously any time I get invited to “speak” somewhere, I’ll wear this jacket and consider my work half done.

Beaded Satin Jacket by Veronica Sheaffer via Wardrobe Myself blog - model looks

I do not deserve this jacket. GOODBYE.

Wardrobe|Myself items completed:

  1. Blue velvet top (+ 1 pincushion)
  2. Green velvet lounge pants
  3. Cropped poet blouse
  4. Crocheted lace top
  5. Crocheted lace skirt
  6. Madras bustier
  7. Madras high-waisted short
  8. Pink granny test panty
  9. Navy scuba knit top
  10. Restyled satin bed jacket
  11. Beaded satin jacket

Green Velvet Lounge Pants

HELLO I MADE THESE LOUNGE PANTS. I’ve been super excited to get started on lounging pajamas, because, let’s face it, real luxury begins at home. And the pair of tasteless, jersey sad pants from Target that I’ve been wearing for the last three years were SHAMEFUL. True story: I actually felt sorry for my husband every time I wore them. Now I’m gliding around the house like a goddamn boss bitch in drape-y emerald green velvet. NO MORE APOLOGIES.

Wardrobe Myself - Green Velvet Lounge Pants by Veronica Sheaffer

Veronica Sheaffer - Chicago fashion designer blogger


Wardrobe Myself by Veronica Sheaffer
Artwork by Veronica Sheaffer

Wardrobe Myself - Green Velvet Lounge Pants by Veronica Sheaffer -b

Wardrobe Myself - Green Velvet Lounge Pants by Veronica Sheaffer -a

Wardrobe Myself - Green Velvet High-Waisted Lounge Pants by Veronica Sheaffer


I made ties, so the waistband can be cinched or relaxed, as needed, and added pintucked pleats for a little interest. The fabric is beyond soft and stretchy and can be thrown in the washer and dryer, so they’re comfy and easy, but NOT ugly as sin. You really can have it all! I’m wearing them right now, and life is glorious.

Wardrobe|Myself items completed:

  1. Blue velvet top (+ 1 pincushion)
  2. Green velvet lounge pants

I also made the top (for New Year’s Eve), but that’s a story for another time. GOODBYE.

Catalogue: Shirts and Jackets

HELLO I MADE A PHOTO CATALOGUE. Molly told me I needed to share more pictures of everything, and obviously she was right, so after my fancy closet makeover, I photo catalogued everything left hanging. I mean, I did tops and jackets anyway (bottoms are a whole other category – as are jammies and undies). It feels like a pretty full wardrobe, honestly – even after such a big purge – but I still have to live a life while I work on replacing the one I have now. Ohmigod, you guys, I’M REPLACING MY LIFE RIGHT NOW. Anyway, this is the current situation (I think if you right click and open the image in a new tab you can zoom in a little (CONFIRMED)):

Wardrobe Myself - sewing an entire luxury wardrobe
* Anything with an asterisk is something I’ve already made.

The concept is obvious, right? I’m keeping or restyling or repairing or replacing. I’m not going to insult your intelligence any further.

Is this so boring?? I think maybe this is boring for you, but I find it FASCINATING. You should totally catalogue your closet – I have such a new appreciation for my clothes! Obviously do it AFTER a purge – anything you don’t totally love is definitely not worthy of a photograph. I honestly really love everything here. Or I will love it, after I do some repairs and restyling, and when it’s all charted out I can see what kinds of pieces would be great additions. I swear it will be more interesting as I move forward. GOD, YOU GUYS, COULD I DRAG OUT THE INTRO TO THIS BLOG ANY FURTHER?? JUST THROW IT ALL AWAY AND MAKE SOMETHING!

Anyway … only five pieces up there are from other contemporary designers –  the shell in the top right square, the blouse in the third row far left, the denim jacket, and the two dark leather jackets – everything else is either vintage or made by me. That feels kind of great. And with the exception of the leather jackets, I hope to replace the rest of it with my own work. I’m sort of tempted to embroider my initials into everything too, just because that feels like a rich person, luxury thing to do. I once read through the descriptions of a bunch of estate pieces, and all of the (very fancy, hand sewn) undergarments had initials AND dates embroidered inside (the royals also did (maybe they still do?) that). 2017 feels like it might be a date I’d love to forget (at least politically), so maybe just initials for me.

After publishing this post I will begin my first monogram on another completed item for myself. This one is also velvet and also completely impossible to photograph. Excited to try to show you, but more excited to start wearing it. GOODBYE.



Wardrobe|Myself: Restyled Blue Velvet

*HELLO. My closet makeover is taking longer than expected, but here’s a piece I made a couple of weeks ago!

In December, I thrifted this boring blue velvet dress for $4 – definitely hand sewn and definitely from the ’80s (hello SLEEVES!). It needed a little cleaning up to the construction, and some tweaks to make it more flattering, but for the price and sheer amount of fabric, I made sure to grab it and then look at it every now and then.

I had originally planned to shorten it and then use the excess fabric to make tons of weird velvet berries and flowers, spilling over the shoulders and onto the sleeves. And I still really love that idea, but of course once I got going, and began to see what a cornucopia of blue velvet produce would actual mean on my tiny frame, I had to adjust my expectations.

SO. I shortened it, used the excess for a high, twisted tie at the neck (hello, Balenciaga) and created tucks in the sleeves to make them a bit more wow. I also removed the back zipper and arm bands and trimmed all of the edges in a really beautiful matching grosgrain I grabbed from the remnant bin at Soutache ($4).

I made a pincushion out of the berries.

Wardrobe | Myself: Restyled Blue Velvet

Wardrobe Myself - sewing luxury wardrobe for myself

I finished it recently and wore it to dinner with a friend that night. She said I reminded her of Marie Antoinette, so I took that as permission to cut off my head and not worry about hair and makeup.

Wardrobe Myself _ sewing blue velvet top with puff sleeves tied neckline _ do not worry about hair and makeup

Wardrobe Myself - blue velvet top with tied neckline

tied neckline

blue velvet top

The fabric is so gorgeous, and keeping it simple makes it easy and wearable, but I’m still sort of tempted to make a bunch of removable embellishments. Definitely going to make two pleated, white ruffs to wear above and between those neck ties though.


Wardrobe|Myself items completed:

  1. Blue velvet top (+ 1 pincushion)


If everything goes according to plan, I’ll be back soon with my closet makeover, followed by a total inventory of what’s left hanging. VERY EXCITED TO REPLACE IT ALL.

Wardrobe|Myself: The Purge, Part 1

When I decided to start this project, I never focused on a big cleansing moment. I figured I’d get rid of the things I didn’t love with no great fanfare, just by gradual replacements – certainly not by stopping to thank the lousy bras with wires poking through or the collection of button ups that are boring me to tears. But it’s become obvious that friends are expecting a big gesture, and when I walked into my closet yesterday morning, I suddenly craved one myself.

The amount of things I have to purge isn’t huge – I have a tiny closet and shifted to a smaller wardrobe a couple of years ago – but it is certainly meaningful. To truly keep only really special pieces requires a fair amount of ruthlessness. I already own only one pair of black pants, one tailored blazer, one pencil skirt, and they are all serviceable, but I’ve never liked the fit of the pants, and I haven’t worn the blazer in a year. The skirt is vintage, and it’s fine, but I’ve only worn it twice. It can all be way better and definitely more artful.

Wardrobe Myself - purging my closet and sewing everything from scratch
Kept the leather jackets, kept that embroidered shell, almost everything else is out of here.

So what do I have in my closet now?

At first, I kept almost all of the vintage, but upon more reflection, I’ve decided to stash a fair amount of it away in the archives for my daughter (that includes the sequined pieces and a velvet jacket I made and hand-beaded for myself over a decade ago and wore only once). This is no easy move, but clearing them out will allow me to focus on what I really want to make for myself. The closet is now mostly bare, with a few pairs of jeans, a handful of pretty tops that I’ve either made for myself, purchased from thoughtful designers, or are vintage, and a few jackets. It’s not nothing, but when my daughter wanted to play in the yard earlier today, I realized I’d better get to work – none of this is casual or sturdy enough for everyday use. I need to always be mindful of how everything fits together and that everything I make feels special, but also purposeful.

Wardrobe Myself - purging my closet and archiving the vintage

Note: I haven’t even TOUCHED my dressers – all the crummy pajamas and t-shirts and socks and undies and sweaters – all the stuff that truly NEEDS TO GO. That’s coming up in Part 2, and in dire need of a major overhaul. And I will definitely not be thanking any of this crap as I stuff it into donation bags.

But First …

Being one to never fully stay on task, as I grabbed armloads of clothes and scarves and bathing suits and belts, it occurred to me that in order to build something that feels like true luxury, I would need to overhaul more than just my wardrobe. The closet, with chipping paint and cobwebs, was a reflection of the tired, dusty wardrobe within. I love the idea of wiping the slate clean and creating a little jewel box for myself (emphasis on “little” – seriously, guys, I have a very tiny closet), and so I’m sacrificing a couple of sewing days to focus on that. But I need to go so fast, because rolling around in the yard in a rare Victorian lace blouse today did not feel good.


THE PROJECT: Wardrobe|Myself


HELLO I’M SAD. Sewing brings me incredible and immense joy. It’s also the source of (perhaps literally all) my waking- and sleeping- nightmares. The constant deadlines and pressure and worries have become too much – I’m losing myself under the weight of it all.

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