Restyled Vintage Bed Jacket

HELLO, MY FRIEND GAVE ME A VINTAGE BED JACKET, AND I RESTYLED IT INTO A SHIRT. Earlier this month, the always adorable Dean Renaud gifted me a collection of 1940’s satin bed jackets for my birthday. If you know anything about me, you’ll know I love nothing more than a) vintage lingerie, and b) the peachy-blushy color of vintage lingerie. This particular jacket is both, with a peter pan collar, embroidery, and the narrowest bias trim on every edge. Oh and a little pocket. It’s all the things.

Vintage 1940s Peach Satin Bed Jacket - Restyled | Wardrobe Myself Blog

I started with a thorough soak in Oxy Clean, and watched 70ish years of glamorous smoking-while-wearing-lounging-pajamas wash away. Oxy Clean, you chemical minx, you never let me down.

Then I added a row of tiny, etched glass vintage buttons and matching tiny loops in front. Jacket becomes shirt. I do not have a ‘Before’ image, because I am a terrible blogger. It closed at the neckline with the ribbon ties. And now it has buttons.

Vintage Satin Peach Bed Jacket - restyled by Veronica Sheaffer | Wardrobe Myself blog

The sleeves, which were very wide and straight and hitting just at the elbow, gave me a very broad-shouldered, top-heavy silhouette – perfect for wearing over a slinky, long nightgown – terrible for wearing with jeans. I added pleats, creating a draped bubble sleeve, to accommodate the more useful jeans look. WHAT ARE SHIRTS IF THEY CANNOT BE WORN WITH JEANS?

I also removed some of the volume in the back of the jacket to save me from a certain death of drowning by satin bed jacket.

Wardrobe Myself Blog

I brought it to Los Angeles over the weekend, where I wore it out many times, and on the flight home.

1940s peach satin bed jacket - Restyled via Wardrobe Myself blog

And I took a nap in it, because pajamas are comfortable. GOODBYE.

Wardrobe|Myself items completed:

  1. Blue velvet top (+ 1 pincushion)
  2. Green velvet lounge pants
  3. Cropped poet blouse
  4. Crocheted lace top
  5. Crocheted lace skirt
  6. Madras bustier
  7. Madras high-waisted short
  8. Pink granny test panty
  9. Navy scuba knit top
  10. Restyled satin bed jacket

Wardrobe|Myself: Restyled Blue Velvet

*HELLO. My closet makeover is taking longer than expected, but here’s a piece I made a couple of weeks ago!

In December, I thrifted this boring blue velvet dress for $4 – definitely hand sewn and definitely from the ’80s (hello SLEEVES!). It needed a little cleaning up to the construction, and some tweaks to make it more flattering, but for the price and sheer amount of fabric, I made sure to grab it and then look at it every now and then.

I had originally planned to shorten it and then use the excess fabric to make tons of weird velvet berries and flowers, spilling over the shoulders and onto the sleeves. And I still really love that idea, but of course once I got going, and began to see what a cornucopia of blue velvet produce would actual mean on my tiny frame, I had to adjust my expectations.

SO. I shortened it, used the excess for a high, twisted tie at the neck (hello, Balenciaga) and created tucks in the sleeves to make them a bit more wow. I also removed the back zipper and arm bands and trimmed all of the edges in a really beautiful matching grosgrain I grabbed from the remnant bin at Soutache ($4).

I made a pincushion out of the berries.

Wardrobe | Myself: Restyled Blue Velvet

Wardrobe Myself - sewing luxury wardrobe for myself

I finished it recently and wore it to dinner with a friend that night. She said I reminded her of Marie Antoinette, so I took that as permission to cut off my head and not worry about hair and makeup.

Wardrobe Myself _ sewing blue velvet top with puff sleeves tied neckline _ do not worry about hair and makeup

Wardrobe Myself - blue velvet top with tied neckline

tied neckline

blue velvet top

The fabric is so gorgeous, and keeping it simple makes it easy and wearable, but I’m still sort of tempted to make a bunch of removable embellishments. Definitely going to make two pleated, white ruffs to wear above and between those neck ties though.


Wardrobe|Myself items completed:

  1. Blue velvet top (+ 1 pincushion)


If everything goes according to plan, I’ll be back soon with my closet makeover, followed by a total inventory of what’s left hanging. VERY EXCITED TO REPLACE IT ALL.