Restyled Vintage Bed Jacket

HELLO, MY FRIEND GAVE ME A VINTAGE BED JACKET, AND I RESTYLED IT INTO A SHIRT. Earlier this month, the always adorable Dean Renaud gifted me a collection of 1940’s satin bed jackets for my birthday. If you know anything about me, you’ll know I love nothing more than a) vintage lingerie, and b) the peachy-blushy color of vintage lingerie. This particular jacket is both, with a peter pan collar, embroidery, and the narrowest bias trim on every edge. Oh and a little pocket. It’s all the things.

Vintage 1940s Peach Satin Bed Jacket - Restyled | Wardrobe Myself Blog

I started with a thorough soak in Oxy Clean, and watched 70ish years of glamorous smoking-while-wearing-lounging-pajamas wash away. Oxy Clean, you chemical minx, you never let me down.

Then I added a row of tiny, etched glass vintage buttons and matching tiny loops in front. Jacket becomes shirt. I do not have a ‘Before’ image, because I am a terrible blogger. It closed at the neckline with the ribbon ties. And now it has buttons.

Vintage Satin Peach Bed Jacket - restyled by Veronica Sheaffer | Wardrobe Myself blog

The sleeves, which were very wide and straight and hitting just at the elbow, gave me a very broad-shouldered, top-heavy silhouette – perfect for wearing over a slinky, long nightgown – terrible for wearing with jeans. I added pleats, creating a draped bubble sleeve, to accommodate the more useful jeans look. WHAT ARE SHIRTS IF THEY CANNOT BE WORN WITH JEANS?

I also removed some of the volume in the back of the jacket to save me from a certain death of drowning by satin bed jacket.

Wardrobe Myself Blog

I brought it to Los Angeles over the weekend, where I wore it out many times, and on the flight home.

1940s peach satin bed jacket - Restyled via Wardrobe Myself blog

And I took a nap in it, because pajamas are comfortable. GOODBYE.

Wardrobe|Myself items completed:

  1. Blue velvet top (+ 1 pincushion)
  2. Green velvet lounge pants
  3. Cropped poet blouse
  4. Crocheted lace top
  5. Crocheted lace skirt
  6. Madras bustier
  7. Madras high-waisted short
  8. Pink granny test panty
  9. Navy scuba knit top
  10. Restyled satin bed jacket