Pleated Origami Turtleneck

HELLO, I’VE REPAINTED MY DINING ROOM AND MADE A NEW SHIRT TO MATCH. The walls are Pink Sea Salt by Behr, a mention which should be great for my blog’s SEO, and the turtleneck is made from a remnant of black, sparkly sweater knit I used on a gown. Oh and I found a bunch of pleated, peach tubes at the fabric warehouse recently and folded one up and stuck it on the front to attract more attention to myself.

Pleated origami turtleneck sweater - Wardrobe Myself blog

It’s like if Delpozo did a collection of sloppy coffee filter shirts.

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Just bought this travertine table. Then I spent a week feeling very sad and stressed that it was going to fall through the floor and onto the condo below us.

Black sparkle sleeveless turtleneck with peach pleated origami detail

It’s not.

Pleated peach origami fan black sparkle turtleneck - Wardrobe Myself sewing fashion blog

We read through a bunch of fish tank and safe forums and all of the contractors and architects on those threads were not at all concerned about 300 lbs, which is what this table weighs.

Now I worry that it will tip off its base and crush someone’s legs.

Sewing fashion blog - Wardrobe Myself - black turtleneck sweater with pleated origami detail

I am a very chill person.

P.S. I made the tunic underneath too. It’s a long, nightshirt version of my poet blouse, and, friends, there is nothing I’ve ever made that I love more than that damn blouse. I CAN’T STOP WITH IT.

Peach pleated origami - fashion sewing blog Wardrobe Myself - peach painted walls

Every time I buy new fabric, I think “Oh! I wonder how this would look as a POET BLOUSE??”

Designer fashion blog - Wardrobe Myself - dining room walls painted Pink Sea Salt by Behr

I didn’t have enough of this black, sparkly sweater knit, so I had to go sleeveless. No worries, though, because I CAN STILL WEAR IT WITH A POET BLOUSE.

table reflection

I’d like to wear it to a party or an art show, but I’ll probably just make love to this table before it ruins my life and call it a day. GOODBYE.