Ronni Bumbles: Red Satin Roses

HELLO, IT’S THE MIDDLE OF JANUARY, AND I’VE BEEN ON A MUCH-NEEDED BREAK FROM MYSELF. You: “You’re not the only one. [eyeroll] What are Ronni Bumbles?” Me: They are a line of clip-on embellishments that I dreamed up while on vacation, but never bothered putting into production, because UGH and also WHATEVER. If you’d like to invest in an idea that promises to be copied by someone else and offered for a few bucks in the check-out aisle at Forever 21, please LET ME KNOW. In the meantime … here’s my first set.

Red satin ribbon rose flowers clips in hair - Wardrobe Myself blog

I suspect my friends and loved ones think these are kind of cheesy and pedestrian, but I stand by them. I feel very Dolce & Gabbana/Gucci in them, and quite frankly, not a whole lot else has been doing the job lately, so I’ll take what I can get/make.

Red silk fabric roses in hair - Wardrobe Myself - DIY fashion blog

I bought these earrings at Claire’s for a 90’s theme party. Claire’s will undoubtedly put my Ronni Bumbles out of business.

DIY satin ribbon fabric rose _ red satin rose

They look nice on my vanity, though.

DIY ribbon flower rose shoe clips - Wardrobe Myself blog

I made the roses with red satin ribbon, and the clips are V NICE, heavy gold with a solid hinge. In my hair, I clip them to bobby pins, shoes are a no-brainer, jacket lapels, purse handles, shirt collars, they seriously look good on everything. I don’t care if you don’t like them.

I only worry about you not liking ME.

Red flower shoe clips - DIY red satin roses - Wardrobe Myself style blog

These are the first nice pair of shoes I ever bought myself. In 1998. They were on sale for $300, and I didn’t eat for two weeks. And now here they are, literally twenty years old, wearing Ronni Bumbles.

Veronica Sheaffer - Wardrobe Myself style sewing blog - red roses in hair