Pleated Chiffon Bustier

HELLO I MADE A FLOUNCY BUSTIER. I first made it about a year ago for a sample sale, but it was never quite right, so I thought I’d clean it up and restyle it a bit for a recent night out … AT THE CLUB.

Pleated peach chiffon bustier with tassel by Veronica Sheaffer on Wardrobe Myself blog

I was a little concerned about my bustline and how much attention it was receiving, but also when in Rome, but also my eyes are up here, if you know what I mean.

Peach chiffon bustier with stretch back _ handmade wardrobe _ sewing blog Wardrobe Myself

It’s basically a remnant of pleated silk chiffon PAINSTAKINGLY gathered and sewn over a corsolette from an old sample bridal gown of mine. The original stretch net and hook and eye closure are exposed in back. I need to tack down that edge, apparently.

Pleated silk chiffon bustier with black velvet ribbons on Wardrobe Myself blog


Wardrobe Myself collage - pleated bustier

I like the flounce traveling up the straps a bit. Edges are left raw, because I’M LAZY.

Woman sews an entire wardrobe for herself - Wardrobe Myself blog

But also because it adds to the movement.

Pleated bustier with tassel by Veronica Sheaffer _ Wardrobe Myself blog

I’d really love to wear this over a long maxi dress or even a white t-shirt and jeans.

Pleated ruffled bustier with tassel by Veronica Sheaffer

But for now I’m just concerned about all of the images I didn’t post that apparently my iPhone has filed under ‘brassiere.’ GOODBYE.

Wardrobe|Myself items completed:

  1. Blue velvet top (+ 1 pincushion)
  2. Green velvet lounge pants
  3. Cropped poet blouse
  4. Crocheted lace top
  5. Crocheted lace skirt
  6. Madras bustier
  7. Madras high-waisted short
  8. Pink granny test panty
  9. Navy scuba knit top
  10. Restyled satin bed jacket
  11. Beaded satin jacket
  12. Embellished pencil skirt
  13. Trellis sweatshirt
  14. Sequined dragon top
  15. Black high-waisted stretch flares
  16. Pleated chiffon bustier

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