Sequined Dragon Top

HELLO, I MADE A SEQUINED DRAGON TOP. Late last week, I found a full yard remnant of blue sequined stretch fabric at Jo-ann (of all unholy places). The quality is surprisingly great – not scratchy at all – and set me back a full $7.50. I thought about matching short sleeves, and instead opted for long, silk charmeuse in bright kelly green.

Sequined Dragon Top - sewing on Wardrobe Myself blog

Then I added embroidered dragon appliques, because life is depressing.

Woman sews an entire wardrobe for herself - undies and all - Wardrobe Myself blog

The appliques were a family decision, because are they too much? Are they not enough? Can I wear this to dinner, even though I already made plans to go to a Chinese restaurant?

Embroidered dragon sequined shirt by Veronica Sheaffer on Wardrobe Myself sewing blog

A single covered button in green velvet, because #luxury.

Embroidered dragon on sequin top - Wardrobe Myself sewing blog

I wore it anyway, and the server noticed immediately and embarrassed me for eternity.

Green satin sleeves on blue sequined top with embroidered dragon applique - Wardrobe Myself blog

The sleeves and silhouette make this casual enough for jeans, but the sequins make it sequiny enough for everything else.


Blue sequined top with green silk sleeves on Wardrobe Myself blog

I really need to start making pants, you guys. GOODBYE.

Wardrobe|Myself items completed:

  1. Blue velvet top (+ 1 pincushion)
  2. Green velvet lounge pants
  3. Cropped poet blouse
  4. Crocheted lace top
  5. Crocheted lace skirt
  6. Madras bustier
  7. Madras high-waisted short
  8. Pink granny test panty
  9. Navy scuba knit top
  10. Restyled satin bed jacket
  11. Beaded satin jacket
  12. Embellished pencil skirt
  13. Trellis sweatshirt
  14. Sequined dragon top

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