Botanical Collage Myself

HELLO THERE ARE NO CLOTHES IN THIS POST. Yesterday, I tried photographing a shirt – a very basic, everyday, no hearts broken shirt – and it was just not happening. I mean, there are many things to be said for owning a simple SHIRT, but if you can’t get a decent picture of yourself wearing it, then something is wrong.

With the shirt, I mean (or that you need to take pictures of yourself.)

Botanical Collage - plants and chairs - by Veronica Sheaffer
plants and chairs. ©

Anyway, I did manage this from that failed photoshoot. Plants and chairs in my dining room.

Last night, as I lay awake worrying about centipedes, I started to think about it a bit more, and now I know exactly what needs to be done. Of course it will no longer be just a SHIRT, of which I desperately need a few, but it will be more worthy of this project, I think.

I mean, maybe I shouldn’t even be wearing SHIRTS anymore. Isn’t that the point of this entire thing? To elevate?

Botanical Collage - plants and candles - by Veronica Sheaffer
plants and candles. ©

Same plant from the dining room. Am I crazy to think maybe this is the wallpaper I’ve been wanting for our guest bath? Can you have a picture of something from one room in your house be the wallpaper for another room in the same house? I don’t think you can. Let me know if you’d like it to be the wallpaper in your house.

But then also maybe I’m making too many shirts. I can’t stop with the tops. I need to start thinking about pants and sweaters.

Maybe I’ll make fabric with my plants and candles print. And then make pants from my plants prints.


Black and gold dining room sideboard with white bamboo chairs and gray green walls

Gonna go work on that TOP now! GOODBYE.

[artwork by Veronica Sheaffer]


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