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THE PROJECT: Wardrobe|Myself


HELLO I’M SAD. Sewing brings me incredible and immense joy. It’s also the source of (perhaps literally all) my waking- and sleeping- nightmares. The constant deadlines and pressure and worries have become too much – I’m losing myself under the weight of it all.

And so I’ve decided to start treating myself the way I would treat a client, making beautiful things with the same attention to detail and love and care, and with some of the compliments and kindness I genuinely, and easily, give to others. The flattery may require a little more effort on my part, but I’m hoping it’s a promise I manage to keep – not only for myself, but for my young daughter, who will inevitably learn from me the skill of self-love (I have a long way to go, to be honest). 

The ultimate goal is to either replace or restyle everything I own – excepting pieces that are really perfect as-is, but including even benign things like underwear and bras – in an attempt to reclaim my art, my time, my sanity. I hate all of my lousy discount loungewear and pajamas, meanwhile, I spend my time making gorgeous lingerie with silk I’ve dyed by hand for clients. It’s too much of an imbalance. Eventually the pendulum will swing back to the middle, but for now, I’m pulling it all the way back and keeping it here for myself.

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THE PROJECT: Wardrobe|Myself

GOAL: Create an entire luxury wardrobe for myself, including undergarments, either from scratch or by restyling pieces I already own.

RULES: Everything must feel special and include the same details I would add to pieces I make for others.

EXCLUSIONS: Socks, tights and shapewear, but I’m tossing the many, MANY pairs I don’t love. Anything already perfect (I think that only applies to vintage and a leather jacket my husband gifted me a couple of years ago).

TIMELINE: Ohmigod no more deadlines. But honestly, I’d like to have things pretty well established by the end of the year.

WORTH NOTING: I have somehow convinced my husband that this qualifies as a JOB. Please don’t ask him why he’s okay with me spending all of my time making clothes for myself.

My greatest hope through all of this is that I’ll come away feeling a little more self-nurturing and calm, and that it will help inspire you to discover something special you can do for yourself as well.


4 thoughts on “THE PROJECT: Wardrobe|Myself

  1. I love this idea so much! I own a sewing machine for the sole purpose of altering my clothes. However, making clothes from scratch is beyond my grasp & so badass! I’m loving what I see so far — very cool aesthetic. Can’t wait to witness this journey!


  2. If you are still felling restless and anxiety, meditation will help. Check for myheadspace from Andy Puddicombe.

    And your blog is one of the best things I have discovered so far on the Internet.


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